Test: Do I Really Need a Website? (10 Questions)

Test Do I Really Need a Website Lagom Digitial Webstie Designer

What’s the first thing you do when you need something? In 90% of the time you will turn to Google.

Need a new dentist – Google

Find the best coffee under $8 – Google

Find out how to fix the garbage disposal – Google…

You get the idea. Google has the answers to people’s questions. And Google organizes the answers through websites.

But what does this have to do with me, you ask? Possibly nothing, but try taking this test and let’s find out:

Do I really need a website Test.

If you answered “Yes” to at least one question, you will need a way to be added to Google’s “answer database”. You need a website!

1. Do you have a product you can sell?

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world for a reason: they let people shop online. Having an online shop is the first step to making your product accessible to customers nationwide and worldwide.

Online Store website

2. Are you providing a service?

If you provide a service of any scale – from giving manicures to cargo freight, your number one objective is finding customers that need your service. A well-designed website can serve as a marketing tool that generates customer leads for your business.

Service website example

3. Do you create artwork that you want to display?

A creative portfolio website is a great way to display your artwork. It makes it easy to share your art by just sending someone a link and opens multiple opportunities for you as a creator.

art creator website

4. Do you write?

Blogging might be a more familiar term for writing online, but any type or length of writing can be conveniently displayed on a website.

writing online and blogging

5. Are you creating content?

Do you film, record, design or, again, write? Most of the content these days is created to be shared on social media platforms, but it’s nice to have a website as the central hub to share and display your work.

6. Do you have a non-profit organization?

Display your mission, volunteer opportunities and provide an easy way for your supporters to donate to your cause.

Non profit website

7. Do you teach an online course?

Online courses keep growing in popularity and having a website is one of the best ways of marketing and hosting your online course. You can receive feedback, interact with your students and make changes as you go.

Online Course website

8. Do you want to display your professional achievements?

Think of it as your digital resume that doesn’t have a 2 page limit. Go into detail about your education, professional achievements and personal projects.

personal resume portfolio website

9. Do you want to promote an event?

Sell tickets, provide dates and time, and use the website to market your upcoming event.

event website example

10. Do you want to get a new job?

Might be a strange question, but in today’s gig economy employers and potential clients want to see that you are proactive. Your personal website can combine all of the previously mentioned website types – display your artwork, professional achievements or keep a blog.

personal website

Whatever your new project is, getting a website is an important step for your growth. Reach out to us for a quote and let’s get your spot on Google’s landscape. 

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